Check Your Baby’s IQ


During my master study in Faculty of Psychology University of Indonesia, one of my friend or lectures (i forgot, sorry), borrowed me a book. The title of that book is “Check Your Baby’s IQ (CYBI)”. It’s an interesting book. I carried it every where i go and read every item written on that book, although i only need to read age 4 – 6 month.

I’m falling for that book. I tried to look for in the local n international book store both online and offline.. but i can’t find it. Soooo i decided to copy it. At that moment i think i might need it for future client in my clinic. Now, I use it for our brown eyes baby.

Yes.. i’m a child psychologist who evaluate our baby’s development with psychological tools. Do i treat our baby as a client? Is there something wrong with our baby? Hmm.. i leave it for you to decided after you finish reading this post..:)

Our brown eyes baby born in 2012. His birth weight is 3,56 kg, length 50 cm, and 9/10 APGAR Score. We love our baby so much.. Much enough for his daddy to give me permission to work from home so that i can nurture him with my own hands. He is in his exclusive breast feeding period and always under our evaluation system. A part from my last sentence is kinda weird ya?

“Evaluation System”? What is that?

In Indonesia we have “Kartu Menuju Sehat” android application driven from our minister of health program. It will help us to check our baby’s proportional length and weight compare to his age. In KMS, they also listed few developmental milestone based on age appropriate system. As a creative mother, i check and i found out that the KMS milestone is similiar with the milestone in CYBI. Based on it, i put CYBI as part of our evaluation system.

Is it weird to do routine check on your baby development? No.

Its a wise act. because sometime parent, especially mother, tends to be swayed by the her baby cute look and chubby body, so that she tends to forgot about the milestone that need to be experience / solve.

Is every baby need to be check regularly? Yes.

There are three positive reward from regular checking. One. You will be very happy to know that your baby’s development is age appropriated with his/her age or above his/her age. Two. It will give you chance of early detection if you baby’s development is below his/her age. Three. It will gives you ideas for his/her daily stimulation activity.

What happen next if it turns out that the baby’s development is below his/her age? Calm and Recheck.

Calm heart and open mind are needed when we dealing with baby. They have that magic ability to detect adult’s emotion. After your able to calm yourself down try to recheck your result with the same tool and find another tool to recheck your first and second result. If the result is consistent. Immediately ask your pediatrician and you child psychologist to clarify your finding.

If the result is already approriate or above his/her age, does stimulation needed? Of course.

Stimulation help the baby to practice his/her current ability and to introduce him/her to a challanging activity for his/her next milestone.

Some say, baby inhered intelectual level from his/her parent. Does IQ level also heridited? No.

Measured IQ level is result from learning activity and past experience. 

So, Do we need to check our baby development regularly?
“….” (I leave the dots for you to write your own answer)